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Shanghai Sunking Industry Inc.,

is engaged in produce and supply spare parts for imported Textile Machinery like Savio , Schlafhorst , Muratec , Mesdan and Rieter. We supply spare parts for Italy Savio Espero ,Orion and Polar. Germany Schlafhorst 238, 338, Japan Murata 21C and Italy Mesdan 490-L,590-L and 690-L. Reiter open end Model RU20/ RU40, and Schlafhorst model SE8/SE9/SE11, We also supply Textile spinning spare parts of Ring frames and other machinery as per customer demands. We also do some spare parts for polyester machine, like chenille machine and texturizing machine parts. And now we are developing Air Jet loom machine spare parts, By the time we will be the one of biggest supplier for all textile spare parts in china.

By the developing and for customer need, we have our stock company in pakistan name sharoon textile lahore where you can get all our spare parts in ready stock. our slogan is “ customer satisfaction”, sunking industry inc management insisted to make a healthy slogan and follow it strategically when it recognized expansion of the target market.